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Rolando Limon is a mason by trade who has established his South Texas masonry business (Limon Masonry) in the year 1992. He is well known for his professionalism performing fast track construction while maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety. Limon Masonry models all of our projects with 3D technology during the estimating process and maintains this project profile throughout construction. During the past 25 years Rolando Limon has completed a wide range of new construction projects, renovations and restorations such as educational facilities, commercial retail outlets, government complexes, banks, hospitals and historical buildings.

Limon Masonry’s average annual revenue ranges from 8 to 10 million dollars per year. We maintain an office staff of 7 employees and 150 to 200 tradesmen on our projects. Mr. Limon has built the vast majority of UTRGV campus buildings over the past 20 years and he is highly respected by UTRGV and their construction management firm OFPC. UTRGV and OFPC have always relied on Limon Masonry’s expert opinion and consider us as their preferred masonry contractor. Limon masonry has well established relationships throughout the construction industry and we continually strive to maintain this tradition well into the future. We are long time AGC members, HUB certified and financial contributors to the local charitable events.  

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